Coronavirus:  Testing Information

We are currently doing Covid-19 testing for both the active virus and the antibody testing for possible immunity.


Testing requires an office visit to determine what test or tests will be ordered. All of these visits are done outside in our back parking lot. You may be tested with or without symptoms. If, you have been exposed to someone with the Covid virus we recommend waiting until day 5 after the exposure to be tested. We test all age groups. For send out tests, results are currently back in 1-3 days. When LabCorp encounters higher volume it can take longer.  We will call you when we get your results, please do not call us as we are currently experiencing heavy call volume for patient registration.


You do not make an appointment but you can visit our website during office hours to “hold your spot” in line. This is not an appointment time. You will receive text message updates regarding your position in line. Upon arrival, please proceed to the back parking area for parking instructions. Then you will need to call the clinic at 929-1234 to complete your registration. This is  how we know that you are here.


Most insurances are covering the office visit and the lab test for acute testing.  Covid antibody tests are not billable to insurance and cost $54 at the time of the visit in addition to the office visit. Co-pays apply at the time of service for you office visit, payable by credit card which is preferred or cash.

We rely on our local health department, local hospital infectious disease department, and the CDC for information.  We will always attempt to have the most recent recommendations determine what we do to evaluate and advise you.