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Covid Travel Testing

We have two tests available.  Please determine which is most appropriate for your travel.

Abbott Labs, ID NOW.  This is a rapid test done in the office.  Results are typically available in about 15 minutes from when we obtain the sample.  This is a molecular test similar to the PCR test.  It detects RNA, the genetic material from the virus.  It uses RNA amplification techniques and the test equipment is FDA approved and CLIA waived.

THIS TEST IS ACCEPTABLE FOR TRAVEL TO CANADA AND the EU, as well as many other countries.

Munson Lab.  This is a send out lab and the turn around time for results varies from 12-24 hours. Munson has the ability to do a transcriptase, polymerase chain reaction test, also commonly called rRT-PCR.  This test is typically only done for people with specific travel requirements,

  • Keep in mind that different travel locations may have different Covid documentationrequirements.

  • It is important to review your own requirements so that we perform the test that is needed for your travel.  You may need to do some web site review or consult with your travel professional prior to being tested.

  • Know your time frame for testing.  Airlines and countries have different requirements.

  • Neither of the tests we do is an antigen test. Antigen tests are not commonly accepted for travel.

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