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Occupational Medicine

Acute injury evaluations and treatment!

Physical Examinations:

Employment Physicals
FAA Physicals (Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers)
Department of Transportation Driver Exams​
Respiratory Exams

Testing and Screening:

Federally Regulated Drug Testing 
Non-Regulated Drug Testing 
Breath Alcohol Testing 
TB Testing
Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Testing
Hearing/Threshold Shift Evaluations

Our clinicians can come to your business to administer:

    Flu Vaccines

    TB Tests

    Drug Screens

Our philosophy:  The understanding that a healthy workforce represents the best interest of both the employee and the employer is the core philosophy of our occupational practice.   We employ board certified family physicians with extensive experience in occupational medicine who have the skills and knowledge to do what is in the best interest of the patient/employee with a firm understanding of the impact on the workplace and the employer.  We recognize that most workplaces can make accommodations for injured employees and also know that an employee who remains in the workplace recovers more quickly.  We make every effort to identify your employee's working environment so that we can recommend appropriate work restrictions when necessary.  

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